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how it works

Quire lets you invest in the most-promising private companies, alongside the world’s best venture capital firms.

Private company investing is risky business. Only invest what you can comfortably afford to lose.


We believe that a good investor is an informed investor. So we have designed three steps for you to assess the opportunity, review confidential information, and complete your investment.

The first step is to assess the investment opportunity. You do this on a company’s Overview Page. At the top of the page, you will find the type of investment, amount being raised, the time remaining to invest and the deal’s Sponsor. Information about the company is organized into sections. These sections mirror the way VCs evaluate investments. The sections are the company’s story, its founders, the market opportunity, the product and validation. If you decide to invest after assessing the opportunity, you will make an investment reservation. If you have not yet created a Quire account, you will be prompted to do so.

The second step is the Deal Room. You enter the Deal Room after you make an investment reservation. Here, you can review the company’s confidential information including the pitch deck. The pitch deck might include a product roadmap and financials, as well as more detailed information about the company and its business. You can also review legal documents including key terms of the investment.

The final step is to enter the Investment flow. This step begins with confirming your investment amount. You will then verify your accreditation status, sign deal documents and receive wire instructions to fund your investment. Investments are prioritized in the order funds are received.

When a company has reached its fundraising goal and/ or the fundraising period has ended, we close the round. You will receive confirmation of your accreditation status and final investment amount. If the round is oversubscribed, we may refund a portion of your funds. If you do not accredit, we will return all of your funds. Executed deal documents will be available in your Quire account dashboard.

For specific questions about how our process works and who we partner with, please check out our FAQ or contact us at support@quire.com.


Companies interested in joining Quire may contact erin@quire.com.