Quire connects you to
your favorite companies


businesses advance society. they solve our problems and bring us joy.

For centuries, businesses achieved this by providing a product or service that people used. And that was it.

At Quire, we envision a more vibrant world. One where people aren't merely users, customers, or consumers. Rather, one where people are owners of the businesses they love, and collaborators in pursuit of a common cause.

We scour the country for companies with loyal supporters, important missions, and inspirational founders. We meet their teams, use their products, and talk to their communities. We ensure they are backed by trusted venture capital firms so we are confident in their viability. When we find a business that meets these criteria, we invite them to join Quire.

On Quire, people invest in these businesses, and collaborate with their leaders. We foster transparency, facilitate feedback, and constantly explore bold new ways of unifying businesses with the people that love them.

We believe that businesses built this way will be more lasting and impactful organizations. And we believe the people supporting Quire companies will be empowered to achieve greatness in their own lives.


three's a crowd.

We obsess over simplicity and geek out about community. Some of us moved across the country to build Quire. We work out of the sunny Betaworks studio in New York City’s Meatpacking District, and we love what we do. We are Quire.

Erin Glenn


Brandon Ferioli

product manager + front-end engineer

Mike Friedman

lead engineer